Anil Sadarangani Khianey

Director of Innovation

Director of Innovation UANDES and member of the spin-off board and UANDES initiatives such as: Diamas, HubTec Chile and Pregnostica. Leads the team by developing the institutional strategy for technology transfer and science-based innovation. Also responsible of leading the technology transfer process and the transfer of knowledge from the UANDES to the market.

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Silvana Becerra

Deputy Director of Technology Development and Marketing

Defines and manages technological development processes that allow (1) to transfer technoliges that impact society, (2) assurance of the quality of the research, and (3) the optimal use of assigned resources. 

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Danilo Segovia

Deputy Director of Projects and Public Grants

Directs, manages and coordinates teams in two areas: project formulation for public grant applications and financial management. Manages and controls the budget of innovation projects with public funds. Responsible for internal (academic / administrative areas) and external (companies and financial entities) relations, related to the public grants awarded to UANDES researchers.

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María Fernanda Gana

Communications Manager

Responsible for the Innovation Department’s internal and external communications, in order to publicize the activities and progress that are taking place in research and innovation at the University.

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Jacinta Fanjul

Head of Social Innovation

Promote and support Social Innovation projects at the University mainly by academics and students. Generate a strategy for Social Innovation to be part of the different areas of the University and help create more efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions to scale up and respond to fundamental social challenges such as elders care, intellectual disability and volunteering.

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Clara Zucchino

Head of Intellectual Property

Manages, in a strategic and integral way, the intellectual protection processes for the UANDES technologies, which allow (1) to transfer technologies that impact society, and (2) the appropriation of research results. Gives advise on intellectual proerty and legal matters to academicas and the Innovation Department’s management team.

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Ariel Véliz

FCO, Financial Control Officer

Manages and controls internaly the actions related to innovation projects and innovation management programs, ensuring compliance with regulations by documenting expenses and investments.

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Marta Mancilla

Scientific Advisor

Assesses the development of innovation projects, providing the necessary technical support for product development and contributes to strengthen the research quality and product development in accordance with international regulations.

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Javiera Gómez

Project Engineer
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Camila Baerwald

Project Manager

Coordinate and technically manage the University’s applied research initiatives that are funded publicly and or privately, ensuring that the commitments acquired are fully met.

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