If a researcher is interested in adding a new technology to the Portfolio, the following steps should be taken. First of all, the researcher must present the Invention Disclosure to the Innovation Department, which is an official Univertisty document in which the invention is thoroughly described.

This document is revised by the Intellectual Property Chief, who meets with the researcher to ensure the the form has the correct information. Once this is done, the TTO team analyzes, using defined criteria, the invention’ technological and commercial potential.

Once the analysis is complete, a committee composed of members of the Innovation Department and the Faculty to which the researcher belongs, approves or endorses the result of the analysis.

If the invention has technological and commercial potential, it is incorporated in the Portfolio and becomes eligible to receive the services offered by the TTO.

Otherwise, it is considered an applied sciences project, only receiving services according the that status.

Silvana Becerra

Deputy Director of Technology Development and Marketing

Defines and manages technological development processes that allow (1) to transfer technoliges that impact society, (2) assurance of the quality of the research, and (3) the optimal use of assigned resources. 

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