The Universidad de los Andes’ Technology Transfer Office (TTO) offers various services to new TTOs and those that are already established. We also offer services for researchers who focus on science-based innovation and are looking for advice on how to get their inventions to market. We have services for companies that are looking for investment opportunities and / or collaborations in their developments.

The services offered by the UANDES TTO are:

Technology Valuation

We do technology valuations, covering from the market analysis, analysis of the competition and the technology itself to determine the value of the invention. This analysis is done using the discounted cash flow method (DFC).

Technological Due Diligence

We carry out the analysis of an invention, assessing its technical development, legal aspects, intellectual property and commercial rights, thus reviewing the scientific proposal.

Silvana Becerra

Deputy Director of Technology Development and Marketing

Defines and manages technological development processes that allow (1) to transfer technoliges that impact society, (2) assurance of the quality of the research, and (3) the optimal use of assigned resources. 

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